Starting Sunday, September 24th, 24 Years of Art! celebrates the 24th anniversary of Lowery Gallery exhibiting art and producing giclee' print editions for hundreds (see our Artists page) of local, regional and national painters, photographers, sculptors and more by displaying works by over 24 artists from the past 24 years, including:

Jamie Calkin, Peter Loose, Kip Ramey, Chris Hall, Amy Watts, Jim Stacy, Kyungmin Park, David Jones, Joni Younkins-Herzog, Ben Rouse, Andy Cherewick, Michael Berry, Alpha Andrews, Tony Cleto, Annie Wellborn, Carter Wellborn, John Wagner, Elisha Conrad, Shannon Brown, Katherine McGuire, R.A. Miller, K. Law, Ralph Levy, Lois Curtis, Willie Jinks, Grover Hogan, Pat Cardiff and more!